Surfacez® Embellished Frame

Designed by Liz Hicks


  • ColorBox Surfacez® Refills: Black, Caribbean, Safari, Berry and Pansy
  • ColorBox® Color Blender
  • ColorBox® Stylus Handle 3-pack
  • ColorBox® Stylus White Tip 3-pack – 2 packs, any shape
  • Wood Frame
  • 1 inch mirrored square pieces
  • Small decorative mosaic pieces in clear
  • Squashed floral marble pieces
  • Painter’s palette
  • Glue Gun or Adhesive strong enough to adhere metal to wood
  • Wax paper to cover work area
  • Cleaning wipes and Paper towels
  • Small plastic plate
  • Gloves to protect hands


  1. Begin by unwrapping your frame and removing any residue left from wrapping or wood dust with cleaning wipe. Snap ColorBox® Stylus Tips onto handles, you will need at least one per color.
  2. Squeeze several drops of Black ink onto plastic plate to form a small puddle. Ink Color Blender with Black ink by pressing into puddle. Re-ink as necessary. Buff, don’t press, the color onto your frame, re-inking often. Make sure to get into each crevice of the frame to completely cover it, transforming it into a sleek black frame.
  3. Squeeze a few drops of Safari ink into one of the wells of the painter’s palette. Dip a Stylus tip into the ink and buff the color onto a handful of the mirror, marble and mosaic pieces. This ink dries very quickly, making it easy to keep moving on your project.
  4. Choose another color of ColorBox Surfacez® and repeat step 3 until you have a good amount of all types of pieces colored with Safari, Berry, Caribbean, and Pansy.

Arrange your pieces as shown around your frame.  Adhere pieces into place with hot glue or adhesive.

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