Mixed Media Faux Art Quilt

Designed by Ann Butler



  • ColorBox® Crafter’s by Ann Butler: Lilac, Sunshine,
  • Berry, Limelight, Aquamarine and Tangelo
  • ColorBox® Crafter’s Mini 4-pack: Sassy
  • ColorBox® Art Daubers: 6 pack
  • Ann Butler’s EZ-De’s™ Stamps by KellyCraft™: Flourish 2” ABC’s, Nine Patch Set A and Sampler Set A
  • Ann Butler Faux Quilting Stamps by Unity: Leaves all over 1” and 1” Stripes. Dots. Hearts.
  • Makin’s® Clay: White
  • Makin’s® Clay Roller & Small Circle Cutter
  • Beacon Adhesives® Fabri-Tac™
  • Therm*O*Web Heat n Bond®: 9” x 7 ½”
  • Westcott® Titanium Bonded Scissors
  • Fabric: white (2 pieces) cut to 9” x 7 ½”
  • Acrylic Block to fit stamps
  • Lace: white 36”
  • Three tiered lace: white: 10”
  • Gimp: white 19”
  • Twill: white 14”
  • Scrap Paper & Ziplock bag
  • Toothpicks & Baby Wipes
  • Ruler & Iron



  1. Roll out the clay with the Clay roller, following manufacturer’s instructions. Make several impressions with different abstract stamps from EZ-De’s sets. Use the circle cutter to cut out 5 circles from your favorite patterns.  Place left over clay into zip lock bag with baby wipe.
  2. Use a toothpick to poke two holes in center of circles to create button holes. Brush Limelight ink lightly across buttons. Add a line between the holes with Jungle color from Mini Crafter’s™ to create a faux stitch, and then set aside to dry.
  3. Place three tiered lace on scrap paper. Tap Art Dauber into Limelight inkpad, to load ink onto it and tap the ink onto top tier, left corner of three tiered lace. Tap until no more ink comes off dauber and it inks through the lace and onto the scrap paper.
  4. Repeat the step above, using different daubers for each color, ink the lace in this manner:
    1. First tier: Limelight, Lilac, Tangelo, Sunshine, Aquamarine, Lilac, Berry, Sunshine, Tangelo, Limelight, Berry and Limelight.
    2. Second tier: Sunshine, Berry, Tangelo, Sunshine, Aquamarine, Lilac, Limelight, Sunshine, Berry, Aquamarine, Lilac.
    3. Third tier: Sunshine, Berry, Tangelo, Limelight, Aquamarine, Lilac, Limelight, Sunshine, Berry, Aquamarine, Lilac. 
  5. Color the Gimp and Twill with Limelight and Art Dauber.
  6. To create the flowers, cut lace into three 12” pieces. Color one piece of lace with Lilac inkpad and dauber. Color the second piece with Sunshine and the third with Berry. Place some Fabri-Tac™ onto the back of one clay button and gather Lilac lace onto the back, pleating as you go until you’re all the way around. 
  7. Repeat the step above for Sunshine and Berry colored lace. Set aside to dry.
  8. Ink the Flower triangle from “Leaves all Over” with Berry and stamp onto top left hand corner of fabric to start the flying geese pattern along the left side of one piece of fabric. The colors and patterns from top to bottom are:
    1. Flower Triangle from Leaves all Over set with Berry
    2. Circle Triangle from Stripes. Dots. Hearts. set with Sunshine
    3. Line triangle from Sampler Set A with Lilac
    4. Flower Triangle from Leaves all Over set with Aquamarine
    5. Flower Triangle from Sampler Set A set with Tangelo
    6. Line Triangle from Sampler Set A set with Limelight
    7. Flower Triangle from Leaves all Over set with Berry
    8. Circle Triangle from Stripes. Dots. Hearts. set with Sunshine
    9. Line Triangle from Sampler Set A set with Lilac
  9. Use a ruler with Jungle mini to create faux stitch lines. Draw three lines at 5 ½”, 3 ½” and 1 ½” from the right edge of fabric with the Jungle to create the stems of the flowers, as shown, using ruler as a guide.
  10. Ink the letters A R T from Flourish 2” ABC set with Limelight, and stamp over the stems as shown. Iron fabric piece.
  11. Following manufacturer’s instruction on the packaging, use the Heat n Bond® to adhere the two pieces of fabric together.
  12. Adhere flowers onto the stems with Fabri-Tac™
  13. Adhere tiered lace to bottom edge with Fabri-Tac™, being sure to fold ½” of the lace on either end.  Adhere colored Gimp with Fabri-Tac™ over the top edge of the lace and wrap around the back gluing in place.
  14. Adhere the ends of the colored twill cord onto top edge with Fabri-Tac™ to create a hanger, as shown. Glue two clay buttons with Fabri-Tac™ onto the front, positioned where twill cord is attached on back, as shown.

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