Leaves Quilt

by Sheryl Eggleston


This little treasure will brighten any spot in your home.



  • Crafter’s Inkpads: Black, Cyan
  • Memory Essentials™ Handles: Jumbo, Standard
  • Rollagraph® Jumbo Stamp Wheels: Asian Influence, Bloomers, Tiny Leaves
  • Rollagraph® Standard Stamp Wheels: Chinese Noodles
  • Smooch™ Pearlized Accent Inks: Moonlight, Azure
  • Stylus Handle
  • Stylus Tips: White Foam Oval

Other Materials Used:

  • Black Cotton
  • Medium Blue Silk
  • Light Blue Cotton
  • Batting and Backing – your choice
  • Note: Let all stamped pieces dry for approximately five minutes, then heat set with a hot dry iron for 15 – 20 seconds on the back side. All seams are sewn with a ¼” inch seam allowance, right sides together (rst).


  1. Ink first section of Asian Influence with Black ink. Roll onto blue silk fabric.
  2. Paint in select areas of motif with Azure and Moonlight inks.
  3. Trim around image approximately 3/8”.
  4. Cut a ¾” x 12” strip of black cotton. Sew (2) 2 ½” strips to each side of stamped blue silk piece. Press seams away from silk. Trim even with top and bottom. Sew strips to top and bottom. Press seams away from center and trim sides.
  5. Cut a 1 ½” x 18” strip of black cotton. Ink Chinese Noodles with Cyan ink. Roll onto black cotton. Re-ink after each roll to cover entire strip of fabric.
  6. Cut two pieces approximately 3 ¼” long. Sew to sides of blue silk/black cotton piece. Press seams out away from center. Trim even with top and bottom.
  7. Cut two pieces to fit across top and bottom. Sew and press seams out. Trim to make square.
  8. Cut one strip 2” x 20” light blue cotton. With Stylus handle and White tip, sponge Cyan ink over light blue fabric to create a mottled background.
  9. Ink Tiny Leaves stamp wheel with Black ink. Roll over mottled background several times, reinking between impressions. Let dry and heat set. Add Moonlight berries randomly over Tiny Leaves.
  10. Cut (2) strips 2” x 5” to fit sides of center piece and sew on sides. Press seams away from center.
  11. Cut (4) squares 2” x 2” from black cotton. Ink Bloomers stamp wheel with Cyan ink and stamp open flower image onto black squares, reinking between impressions. Highlight flower centers with Moonlight and Azure inks.
  12. Cut remaining sponged and stamped fabric in half and sew two squares to each end, measuring to make sure that all lines up. Press seams away from the black.
  13. Sew these strips to the main piece, matching seams. Press flat and trim all sides even.
  14. Cut batting and backing 1” larger than stamped piece. Layer all three pieces and baste together with large stitches.
  15. Hand stitch with silver metallic thread around curved areas in stamped and highlighted center. Stitch around stamped center approximately 1/8” from solid line of image.
  16. Hand stitch with blue thread close to seam on Cyan stamped black strips.
  17. Remove basting stitches.
  18. Cut one strip of black cotton 2” x 40”. Press in half. Place raw edges even and sew 3/8” from edge of stamped piece. Cut ends to overlap approximately 1” and turn under ¼” of ends. Turn binding to back, pin in place and hand stitch in place.

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