You Are My Favorite Mermaid Card


  • ColorBox® Dyestress: Aster, Mulberry, Tahiti, Caribbean, Mint
  • ColorBox® Art Screens: Roof Top
  • ColorBox® Mini Art Screens: Shells
  • ColorBox® Peal Rain Spray: Cosmic
  • ColorBox® Glitter: Winter Frost
  • ColorBox® Art Daubers: 8
  • ColorBox® ClearStamps: Butterfly
  • ColorBox® Color Catcher®
  • Smooch®: Dusk, Taffy, Bayside
  • Scrapbook Adhesives™ by 3L: 3D Foam Squares, small
  • Scrapbook Adhesives™ by 3L: E-Z Runner®
  • Cardstock: White, Blue
  • Jute: 12 inches -18 inches
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Block
  • Vellum
  • Washi Tape
  • Scrap Paper
  • Paper Towels


  1. Trim white cardstock to 4.5 inches x 5.5 inches and place on scrap paper. Place the Roof Top art screen on top and use washi tape to hold both in place on the scrap paper.
  2. Begin adding color by tapping a Dyestress ink pad with the dauber and then tap the paper through the art screen. The more concentrated the taps are, the richer the color will be. Repeat with each Dyestress color, overlapping colors to blend and create new hues. To keep from contaminating the ink pads, use a new dauber for each color.
  3. Place the scrap paper, with washi-taped paper and art screen still intact, into the Color Catcher®. Spritz with Pearl Rain and allow to dry.
  4. Place the Shells art screen on top of the white cardstock scrap. Use washi tape to hold both in place.
  5. Thoroughly shake each bottle of Smooch®. Pull ink from the bottle with the applicator and tap ink onto the acrylic block. Using a new dauber, pull the ink from the block and tap the ink through a shell shape in the mini art screen. Repeat with as many shells and colors as desired. This technique will keep the Smooch® ink from bleeding under the stencil. Allow to dry.
  6. Remove the Shells art screen from the paper. Go over the inked shell shapes with another layer of Smooch®. Take a pinch of Winter Frost glitter and sprinkle over the wet Smooch®. Allow to dry.
  7. Fussy cut each shell shape and set aside.
  8. Clean the acrylic block. Place the YOU ARE MY FAVORITE sentiment (from the Butterfly ClearStamps set) on the acrylic block. Ink the sentiment with Bayside Smooch® and stamp onto another scrap of white cardstock. Sprinkle with glitter and allow to dry.
  9. Trim the sentiment to 1 inches x 2 inches. Edge the sentiment with the Mint Dyestress dauber. Lightly edge again with the Bayside Smooch® dauber. Set aside to dry.
  10. Trim two pieces of vellum: 1 ¼ inches x 2 ¼ inches to frame the sentiment and
  11. 4 ¾ inches x 5 ¾ inches to frame the card front.
  12. Trim blue cardstock to 6 inches x 10 inches. Fold in half.
  13. Remove the Roof Top art screen from the inked cardstock. So pretty! Use the E-Z Runner® to adhere the pretty cardstock to the center of the pre-trimmed vellum. Adhere the vellum side to the front of the folded card.
  14. Adhere the sentiment to the center of the smaller piece of vellum. Place a foam square in each corner on the back of the sentiment.
  15. Loosely wrap the jute around your fingers to create loops.
  16. Place the sentiment over the looped jute and secure to the card front with the foam squares. Pull the jute from the top and bottom of the sentiment to create larger and smaller loops.
  17. Place foam squares on the back of the prepared shells and adhere to card front as shown.


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