Halloween Décor with Color Eclipse

Halloween Décor with Color Eclipse
Designed by the Clearsnap Sales Team





·       ColorBox® Color Eclipse

·       Paintbrushes

·       Sponge brushes

·       Paint Tray Palette or Paper Plate

·       Cup of Water

·       Wine Glasses

·       Mini Mason Jars

·       Rocks

·       Dish Soap and Water

·       Paper Towels

·       Raffia

·       Scrap Paper





1.     Prepare your painting surfaces by washing the glassware and rocks with dish soap and water. Dry thoroughly.

2.     Cover your work area with scrap paper for easy clean up.

3.     Shake each bottle of Color Eclipse for about 30 seconds. You will be able to hear the bead in the bottle mixing the ink ingredients.

4.     Apply small amounts of each desired color to the paint tray or paper plate. A few drops go a long way!

5.     Use a paintbrush or sponge brush to apply ink to the glassware or rock surface. This ink dries quickly and will be set enough for layering additional colors after about 3 minutes.

6.     Paint faces, accents and blended colors to your pieces as desired. Use the cup of water to rinse the ink from your brushes and pat dry with a paper towel between colors.

7.     Allow the décor to dry completely. Tie raffia around the stem of the wine glass or mason to add extra flair.

8.     For durability or to display outside, allow your project to cure for 3 hours. Apply Color Eclipse Sealant to the project with a non-latex paintbrush and allow to dry for 24 hours before placing outside.




·       ColorBox® Color Eclipse colors blend together very well to create new hues.

·       Colors can be combined without thorough mixing to give a streak-like effect for extra character.

·       Turn your wine glass upside down before creating your masterpiece. Once dry, the base of the glass makes a perfect platform for a tea light!


NOTE: Wine glasses painted with Color Eclipse will not be suitable for drinking from. These projects are intended for display only.

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