Mixed Media Art Tin

Mixed Media Art Tin
Designed by Tami Sanders


  • ColorBox® Basic Necessities Tin
  • Magic Stamp® Moldable Foam Block
  • ColorBox® Art Screen: Burst
  • ColorBox® Embossing Powder: Clear 
  • ColorBox® Mixed Media Inkpad Kit: Pink, Orange, Khaki,
  • Gray, and Black
  • ColorBox® Mixed Media Ink Cleaner
  • ColorBox® Stylus Handle and 4 Oval Foam Tips
  • Teresa Collins Wood Mount Stamp: LIVE TODAY IN ALL CAPS
  • Reeves 2 ¾” Square Mini Canvas
  • Beacon Adhesives Zip Dry and Quick Grip Glue
  • Inspirational Words (Cut from Old Book Pages)
  • 6” Piece of Aluminum Foil
  • Photo Paper
  • Paper Trimmer 
  • Scrap Paper
  • Scissors
  • Heat Tool
  • Paper Towels



  1. Ink a blank Mixed Media pad with Pink, another pad with Khaki, and a third pad with Orange.
  2. Use scissors to cut the Magic Stamp into 4 pieces. Trim around the sides of each piece to round off the hard edges. 
  3. Crumple the aluminum foil into a ball and slightly flatten the top.
  4. Heat the Magic Stamp and press into the flattened crumpled foil.
  5. Ink one of the Magic Stamp pieces with Pink and stamp randomly across the top of the tin. Repeat with Khaki and Orange, using a new piece of Magic Stamp for each color. Work quickly allowing the ink to stay wet enough to emboss in the next step. 
  6. Place the tin on a scrap piece of paper and lightly cover with clear embossing powder. Carefully tap off excess any embossing powder. 
  7. Place the tin on the work surface, DO NOT HOLD. Use the heat tool to set the embossing powder. Tin will be hot! Allow to cool before handling; about 2 minutes. 
  8. Trim photo paper to 3 ¼” x 3 ¼”. Round the edges with scissors, or a corner rounder if you have one.
  9. Snap a Stylus Tip into the handle and ink with a drop or two of Pink. Gently drag the tip across the top of the photo paper. 
  10. Repeat step 9 with Orange in the center of the photo paper and Khaki at the bottom, using a new Stylus Tip for each color. Allow the inks to overlap and blend slightly where they meet. 
  11. Carefully heat set; the photo paper will bubble if it gets too hot. Move the heat tool around the surface, holding about 6”-8” away from the paper. 
  12. Ink the LIVE TODAY stamp with Black ink and stamp in the center of the photo paper. Heat set, being careful not to overheat the paper. Remember to clean your stamp! 
  13. Use Zip Dry to adhere the finished quote piece to the inside left of the tin.
  14. Re-ink each of the Pink, Orange and Khaki Stylus Tips with a drop of the same color and apply to different areas of the canvas, including the sides. Blend colors slightly where they meet. 
  15. Lay the Art Screen over the canvas as desired.
  16. Ink a new Stylus Tip with Gray and lightly ink the design on the canvas. Pressing the Stylus Tool too hard will cause the ink to bleed under the Art Screen.
  17. Remove the Art Screen and heat set the canvas. 
  18. Select a few inspirational words to accent the canvas, arrange as desired and adhere with Zip Dry. 
  19. Adhere the canvas to the inside right of the tin with Quick Grip. 


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