HOME Heart ColoriQue Décor

HOME Heart ColoriQue Décor
Designed by Midge & Madge


  • ColorBox® ColoriQue: Poppy, Ruby Slippers, Moss Landing, Snow Summit, Honey Bee, Pacific Ocean, and Frisco Bay
  • Small, Airtight Containers for Custom Colors
  • Rustic Wooden Heart Plaque
  • Wooden Letters: H, O, M, and E
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint Palette or substitute
  • Hot Glue Gun or Wood Glue
  • Heat Tool



  1. Squeeze a small amount of each ColoriQue color onto the paint palette. Add more as needed.
  2. Begin painting the first plank of the wooden heart. For more variety, divide each plank between multiple colors.
  3. Once the surface has been colored to your heart’s desire *wink*, allow the ink to fully dry. ColoriQue dries fairly quickly on porous surfaces, but if you would like to speed up this process a heat tool can be used.
  4. Paint each letter with a contrasting color of ColoriQue and allow to dry. Add dimension to the letters by brushing the edges of each letter with a darker color and allow to dry.
  5. Use a hot glue gun or wood glue to adhere the letters to the heart plaque.
  6. If this plaque will be placed outside a sealant should be used to preserve color.



  • ColoriQue is a thin liquid medium; a little bit goes a long way!
  • ColoriQue mixes and blends so well that color possibilities are endless. Custom colors can be created by mixing a drop or two of different colors together. To recreate more of the same color, be sure to count each drop! Small, airtight containers can be used to store custom colors.
  • By not painting a solid coat and allowing a bit of the wood to show through, the project will have a more rustic look.


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