ColorBox® Spritzers Pillow Box

ColorBox® Spritzers Pillow Box
Designed by Jessica Van Wagner          


  • ColorBox® Spritzers: Grasshopper, Mermaid and Lemon Drop
  • Clearsnap® Wood Mount Stamp: Wish Big
  • Report Cover
  • White Cardstock – 2 Pieces
  • Pillow Box Template
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Large Paper Clip
  • Adhesive Runner
  • Newspaper
  • Yellow Ric Rac



  1. Cover your work area with newspaper to protect the table surface.
  2. Open the report cover on the newspaper and casually spritz with Grasshopper, leaving space between each spray.
  3. Spritz the Mermaid and Lemon Drop inks in between the Grasshopper ink, allowing colors to overlap and blend.
  4. Hold the two pieces of cardstock together, gently set in the spine of the report cover and lay both pieces of the cardstock down on one side of the report cover.
  5. Close the cover gently and starting from the spine press the cover to the cardstock pushing outward to help blend colors. Run your hands along the entire surface of the cover to allow the cardstock to absorb the most amount of ink.
  6. Remove the cardstock and set aside to dry, inked sides up. Archival Dye Ink is fast drying, however drying time will vary by the amount of ink sprayed and type of cardstock used.
  7. Spritz Lemon Drop on the report cover and pick the ink up with the Wish Big stamp. Press the image onto another piece of cardstock and cut out.
  8. While the cardstock dries, rinse the cover under a faucet with warm water, wipe dry with a paper towel and set aside for your next project.
  9. Once the cardstock is dry, place one piece face down on your work area and trace the pillow box template on the back.
  10. Use your scissors to score the fold lines of the pillow box template. If you have one, a paper scoring or dry embossing tool will also work for this step.
  11. Cut the pillow box out of the cardstock.
  12. Cut three long strips from the pillow box scrap, ranging from ¼ inch to ½ inch wide.
  13. Fold the pillow box along the score lines, starting with the overlap tab. Next, fold the box in half.
  14. Run a single line of adhesive along the inked side of the overlap tab. Align the straight edge of the opposite side of the box with the fold of the overlap tab. Press firmly to enclose the box.
  15. Fold one of the box ends closed using the scores as a guide. Fill the box with goodies and close the other end.
  16. Unfold two bends of the paperclip, creating a cane shape.
  17. One piece at a time, starting at an angle, wrap the paper strips around the long end of the paperclip. Slip the strips off the paperclip and pull the curls out a bit to create faux ribbon.
  18. Complete the project by tying the faux ribbon and Wish Big tag to the box with the yellow Ric Rac.



  • Printable templates for pillow boxes or other boxes can be found online, if you don’t have any in your craft stash!
  • This technique offers truly one-of-a-kind projects. More or less un-inked space on the cover will produce varying effects. Experiment by holding the Spritzers closer and farther away from the surface when spraying for different results!


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