Good Vibes Van Photo and Frame with Smooch®

Good Vibes Van Photo and Frame with Smooch®
Designed by Midge & Madge


  • Smooch® Accent Inks: Azure, Green Apple, Mocha, Sweet Melon, Sugarberry and Sundance
  • Art Dauber
  • Cardstock
  • Photo Paper
  • Die Cut Machine or Cutting System
  • Large, Shallow Container
  • Tap Water
  • Paper Towels
  • Glue or other Adhesive
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Wooden Frame



  1. Fill shallow container with about 1 inch of tap water. Lay out some paper towels next to your container.
  2. Select Smooch® colors of your choice and shake each bottle very well.
  3. Starting with the first color, touch the Smooch® tip to the surface of the water at random intervals. Re-ink the Smooch® tip as necessary. Repeat this step with as many colors as you like.
  4. Using the handle of the Smooch® applicator, gently swirl the ink to create a marbled effect.
  5. With the shiny side down, place the photo paper in the water, push to completely submerge and remove. Lightly shake excess water into the container and set the photo paper on the paper towels to dry.
  6. Once the photo paper is completely dry, run the paper through the Die Cut Machine using desired shapes and designs. For this project, several layers of a van image and flowers were cut from the marbled paper.
  7. Trim cardstock to fit the wooden frame.
  8. Arrange and adhere the marbled cutouts to the cardstock. For this project, a sentiment was handwritten for an added touch!
  9. To color the wooden frame, pick a contrasting color of Smooch® and apply the ink directly to the frame’s surface. The ink spreads nicely with an Art Dauber. Allow the ink to dry.
  10. Embellish the frame with die cut pieces as desired.
  11. Place the cardstock photo in the frame and enjoy!

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