Dot Fade Glass Graffiti Hanging Votive Holders

Dot Fade Glass Graffiti Hanging Votive Holders
Designed by Dana Tatar      


  • ColorBox® Glass Graffiti: Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Purple
  • 2 - Round Hanging Glass Votive Holders
  • Paintbrush
  • Water Cup
  • Craft Mat



  1. Apply several colors of ColorBox® Glass Graffiti to a craft mat.
  2. Dip a wet paintbrush into one color of Glass Graffiti and paint small dot shapes onto the glass votive holder in a random fashion.
  3. Rinse the paintbrush. Apply a second color of Glass Graffiti to the brush. Paint small dot shapes onto the glass votive holder, near the first color of dots.
  4. Repeat the dot painting process with a third color of Glass Graffiti. Blend two or more shades of Glass Graffiti together on a craft mat with a small amount of water to create a range of hues.
  5. Repeat the Glass Graffiti dot painting until the bottom half of the glass votive holder is completely covered with colored dots. The Glass Graffiti formula dries quickly, so it is possible to overlap the painted dots without muddying the colors, for a solid application of color.
  6. Gradually increase the space between the painted dots from the center of the votive holder and up to create a dot fade pattern.

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