Sugar Skull Shoes

Sugar Skull Shoes
Designed by Jennifer Priest


  • Smooch Accent Ink in Sugarberry, Bayside, Ocean Soul, Spruce, Pumpkin, Olive Twist, Kiwi, Carrot, Siren, Orchid Frost, Taffy, Berry Punch, Plum Twist, Cherry Chocolate and Tuxedo
  • Heat Tool
  • Grey Permanent Marker
  • Platform Pleather Shoes


  1. Using the grey marker, lightly sketch swirls, roses and leaves on each shoe.
  2. Fill in the open spaces using various colors of Smooch Accent Ink. Carefully use the heat tool to dry the ink when changing colors. To blend colors, apply ink without drying between layers.
  3. To color the roses, paint the base of each with Siren or Orchid Frost. Add a swirl of Cherry Chocolate to the center and blend into the base color, to create dimension.
  4. To color the leaves, blend Kiwi, Spruce and Ocean Soul.
  5. Outline elements with Tuxedo.
  6. Use the heat tool to set the ink on the entire design, avoid melting the pleather material.

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