Chalk Doll Chair

Chalk Ink Doll Chair

Designed by Keri Lee Sereika



  • ColorBox Chalk Paintbox in Mercantile
  • ColorBox Art Screen in Bloom
  • ColorBox Art Daubers
  • DecoArt Acrylic Paint in Buttermilk
  • Impression Obsession Cover-a-Card Stamp in Quilt
  • Small Wooden Doll Chair
  • Sanding Blocks in Fine and Super Fine Grit


  1. Sand entire chair with fine, then super fine sanding block. Apply a thin layer of paint and allow to dry. Sand lightly with super fine sanding block.
  2. Repeat step 1 until the entire surface is well covered and evenly coated.
  3. Place Bloom stencil onto seat of chair and use the Art Daubers to apply Candied Yam and Red Barn to the very center of the flower, followed by Sea Crystal and Concord on the outer petals. Remove the stencil and allow the ink to dry.
  4. Apply Concord Ink to the Quilt Stamp and press onto center rung on the back of the chair. Clean the stamp.
  5. Apply Arctic Deep to the Quilt Stamp and press onto the bottom and top rungs on the back of the chair. Clean the stamp.
  6. Use the Art Dauber to apply Arctic Deep and Concord to distress the top and edges of the chair.

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