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Designed by France Papillion      


  • ColorBox Archival Dye Inkpads in Frosted Plum, Deep Grape and Grape Slushy
  • ColorBox Archival Dye Ink Refills in Frosted Plum, Toasted Apricot, Grape Slushy, Pumpkin Pie and Deep Grape
  • ColorBox Color Blender
  • Basic Necessities Spray Bottles filled with Water
  • 7 Dots Studio Secret Diary Cold Country Printed Paper
  • 7 Dots Studio Nature Walk Elements
  • 7 Dots Studio Spice and Sugar Domestic Goddess Printed Paper
  • Finnabair Art Basics Heavy White Gesso
  • Finnabair Canvas Resist in Honeycomb
  • Cambric
  • Plaster Strip
  • Rubber Graining Comb
  • Heat Tool
  • Rusted Metal Elements
  • Sewing Machine
  • Fine Round Paintbrush
  • Paint Tray
  • Photo
  • Glue



  1. Using the Secret Diary Cold Country Printed Paper as the base of the project, apply a generous layer of Gesso, covering only the middle section of the base paper, from left to right side.
  2. Without letting the Gesso dry, pull the rubber graining comb horizontally through the Gesso, creating texture lines. Allow to dry.
  3. Use the Color Blender to apply the Frosted Plum Ink, Deep Grape Ink, and Grape Slushy Ink to scraps of the Domestic Goddess Printed Paper and Nature Walk Elements.
  4. Mix a few drops of Deep Grape Refill Ink into a spray bottle with water. Spray the canvas resist and the cambric with the spray mixture. Allow to dry.
  5. Mix a few drops of Pumpkin Pie Refill Ink into a separate spray bottle with water. Spray the plaster strip with the spray mixture. Allow to dry.
  6. Select a Dye Ink Refill color and apply the ink directly to the dry gesso. Lift the paper and spray the ink with water to create a blended effect. Use the heat tool to set the ink.
  7. Repeat step 7 with several different colors of Dye Ink until the gesso has been covered, heat setting between each color.
  8. Place a few drops of the Deep Grape Refill Ink onto the paint tray. Add a few drops of water to the ink and mix with a paintbrush. Flick the paintbrush over the paper to create splatters. Allow to dry.
  9. Sew the canvas resist, plaster, cambric, and some of the paper scraps together.
  10. Sew freedom lines around the perimeter of the base paper.
  11. Glue the sewn paper and elements, metallic embellishments and a photo to the base paper.

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