Stars & Stripes Mason Jar Lanterns

Stars & Stripes Mason Jar Lanterns
Designed by Clearsnap Team


  • ColorBox® ColoriQue in Ruby Red, Pacific Ocean, and Snow Summit
  • ColorBox® Color Blender
  • 3 ColorBox® Color Blender Foam Pads
  • 3 Quart Mason Jars
  • 3 Small Paper Plates
  • 1.5" Masking Tape
  • 2" Masking Tape
  • Pencil
  • Sturdy Paper or Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Craft Blade and Cutting Mat
  • Heat Tool
  • 3 Candles


  1. Add a few squirts of ColorBox® ColoriQue in Snow Summit to a paper plate. Using a ColorBox® Color Blender with a fresh foam pad, apply an even coat to the outside surface of all 3 jars. Daub, daub, daub it!
  2. Allow the jars to dry completelya heat tool will help them to dry fully before the next steps. Just be sure the jars cool down after that blast of heat!
  3. Apply 2 strips of 1.5” masking tape around 2 of the jars to create stripes. Press down firmly along the masking tape edges for good adhesion.
  4. Next, grab a new paper plate and add ColorBox® ColoriQue in Ruby Red. Using a fresh foam pad, apply an even coat to the 2 jars with masking tape stripes. Set the jars aside to dry completely before removing the masking tape.
  5. Draw a 1.75” star on a piece of sturdy paper or card stock (a business card is perfect for this). Use scissors or a craft blade to cut out the star for a stencil.
  6. Lightly apply a strip of 2” masking tape to a clean cutting mat. Use the star stencil to trace 10-12 stars onto the masking tape and then trim them out with a craft blade.
  7. Apply the masking tape stars to the remaining jar. So cute!
  8. Add a couple squirts of ColorBox® ColoriQue in Pacific Ocean to a new paper plate and with a fresh foam pad, apply an even coat to the jar with masking tape stars.
  9. Remember to let the jars dry completely before gently removing the masking tape. Again, a heat tool helps speed things up if you’re chompin’ at the bit to see the results!
  10. Drop a candle in each jar, light, and enjoy! These jars also make a wonderful centerpiece arranged with white flowers.

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